1. Where can I order flowers?
You can place orders through this website or via email cvecarapahuljica@gmail.com.
2. How do I place an order through the website?
Select one of our bouquets on the website by clicking on it, then click 'Order,' and proceed to fill out the ordering form.
3. How i can order with email ?
Please provide us with your details, the recipient's information, delivery time, and a message in your email so that we can arrange the flower delivery accordingly.
4. How is the payment processed ?
You can pay for the flowers from abroad using a credit or debit card, using MoneyBookers, or PayPal...
If you are ordering from Serbia, you can pay through any of the mentioned methods or to our company's account in any bank.
5. When do you deliver flowers?
You choose when you want us to deliver the arrangement.
6. If I order flowers now, when is the earliest you can deliver?
We can deliver flowers in Belgrade within a few hours from the moment of ordering and payment confirmation. In surrounding areas, flower delivery can be done during the day or at the latest within one day.
7. How do I know if I have successfully made the payment?
Once you complete the payment, and the transaction is successfully processed, you will receive an email confirmation that the payment has been made.
8. The earliest and latest delivery times?
The earliest delivery time is 08:00 AM, and the latest is 08:00 PM.
9. "Do you deliver flowers on weekends?
Yes. We carry out deliveries every day between 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM.
10. How do I know that the flowers have been delivered?
When we complete the flower delivery, you will receive a notification by email confirming that the flowers have been delivered. We strive to send you the notification immediately after the delivery, but you will be informed during the day in any case.
11. Is it possible to cancel an order?
If you have placed an order but have not made the payment and wish to cancel, you do not need to cancel the order (it will not be delivered). If you have made the payment, cancellation is not possible due to the risk of potential misuse